National Socialism

National Socialism is a philosophy or world view. It is the belief that Man is a part of the natural world and that he is in no way separate from it. It is also the belief that society should be structured in accordance with the laws of Nature. An integral part of National Socialism is Racial Idealism which is based on the love of your own people. This is expressed by placing the interests of the racial community to which you belong ahead of your own personal desires. National Socialism believes that all men are NOT created equal. Just as every individual has his strengths and weaknesses, so too does each race have qualities that make it different from other races. National Socialism also believes in the improvement of your people. National Socialism’s goal is that each new generation of children will be better off than the one before it. National Socialism believes in putting the people before yourself. But there is a considerable difference in the socialism of Hitler and that of Marxist doctrine. Hitler saw nationalism as a patriotic motive to place the good of one’s country before personal ambition.

Brief History

Project White was born from a networking thread on 8/pol/. The goal of the thread was to connect people and get them creating something rather than just browsing imageboards. The thread was basically this: “post your skills and your email, and you’ll be added to an email thread.” The thread went well at first, but it quickly became apparent that we were going to need something more robust. Some discussions were had, and we settled on Riot as the means of communication over something like Telegram because it isn’t very expandable (can’t have multiple rooms in a community), and we didn’t want to risk getting shut out of Discord. After moving as many people as possible into Riot, we started discussing what we should do and eventually decided to form an organization with its own recognized style, which became Project White.

Our Vision

To be the greatest National Socialist Organization in the world

Our Mission

To build a self-sufficient community of white, like-minded creators.

Our Creed

For the good of my people:

I must improve my will, body, and mind.

I must build our culture and communities.

I must fight for the future of my race.

We will endure forever!

Short-term Goals

We are currently working on growing a vetted room of like-minded people and connecting with similar groups to form a federation that can share projects and personnel to work on projects. We are also currently working on a book/manifesto outlining our beliefs, getting regular articles published on the website, making flyers, and filling out the website.

Recent Flyers

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